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SCM3071: Emergency Pollution Clean-Up Services


The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is the state’s primary environmental regulator. The EPA works with emergency services and partner agencies in responding to emergencies in order to reduce pollution, waste and adverse impacts on the environment.

The EPA is seeking to pre-qualify service providers with the ability to deliver the following services;

  • Collection and transport of liquid and hazardous waste;

  • Treatment and Disposal of liquid and hazardous waste;

  • Supporting and ancillary works and/ or services.

Service providers who qualify and are successful with their application will be placed on a non-ranked prequalification scheme which will be used by the EPA, emergency services and partner agencies, within NSW, in the event of an emergency which involves liquid and/or hazardous waste.

The use of the prequalification scheme will be dictated by the requirements of each specific emergency such as urgency, location and supplier availability at that time.

The serviceable areas under the scheme are in accordance with the 16 Regions that are identified and described at https://www.procurepoint.nsw.gov.au/nswbuy_regions


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