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SCM3831: Built Heritage Conservation Consultants and Building Contractors


Public Works Advisory (PWA) is seeking in the Heritage field:

  • Consultants and
  • Building Contractors. 

The recent transformation of the former NSW Public Works to Public Works Advisory (PWA) has created opportunities for the private sector to participate in built heritage conservation activities for state government agencies’ heritage assets. 

As a result, this Prequalification Scheme is focused on identifying and providing access to –

• a diverse resource of experienced, expert heritage consultant services,

• relevant heritage building restoration and/or construction services,

• an efficient means for linking service-providers and PWA Regional and Rural offices and PWA Heritage Asset Advisory team.

This pool of prequalified resources provides external expertise to assist in the delivery of high quality results in built heritage conservation consultancy and heritage building stonemasonry restoration and/or construction.

The two important aspects to prequalification will be the evidence you provide of a minimum of 3 recent successfully completed projects in each category you nominate, and 2 referee reports who can confirm/identify your capabilities in that type of work. 

Please complete all the relevants fields and templates in this application.

Opportunities and Expectations of the Scheme

If successful in gaining prequalification you may receive opportunities to: 

• provide heritage consultancy or built heritage construction services to assets  which have been in existence for up to 200 years,

• be involved in the important Minister’s Stone Program established in the 1980s and still operating effectively to conserve many of the 800 state owned sandstone building assets across NSW,

• work in collaboration with and/or be commissioned by PWA Heritage Asset Advisory group or the PWA Regional & Rural Offices.

• access original historical material such as – plans, reports and photographs for related assets.

It should be noted that prequalification does not guarantee consultants or contractors to projects or works. The nature and volume of work will fluctuate to suit projects, programs and budgets of PWA or other government agencies, as well as capacity and availability of industry skills or other circumstances affecting delivery of projects. There may be lengthy periods of no activity so applicants should not base business decisions on an expected flow of work from this prequalification scheme.


Heritage Consultants

Selection of consultants will relate to the scale and scope of works proposed, as well as the heritage specialisation categories you have nominated and your capacity to deliver the projects.

For small projects or tasks single invited or small selected invited consultants panels will generally be used.  For larger or major heritage projects or tasks a larger pool of consultants may be included in a panel for quotations/tenders.

There are two prequalification types within Built Heritage Conservation – Consultants

The two types are:

A) Lead

A Lead Consultant may be required to coordinate larger work teams, contractors and sub-contractors

B) Contributor

A Contributing Consultant may be required to join teams working under a Lead Consultant. 

We have asked that you identify whether your regular consultancy service(s) are as Lead heritage consultant or as a Contributing heritage consultant for each category. It is acknowledged that for some organisations this could be both.

It will be important for prequalified consultants and contractors to notify if any major changes occur in your organisation’s structure and expertise in order to sustain accurate information in the scheme.

It will also be important that you identify your specific metropolitan, regional and rural locations and capacities to contribute to effective resource matching.


Heritage Building Contractors

Heritage building contractors are required to submit all returnable schedules for specific categories to be assessed for pre-qualification.

Our Heritage Stoneworks group will utilise this scheme for selective tendering opportunities for works according to scale, type of work, degree of difficulty, capacity and capabilities of those prequalified built heritage contractors aligned to client agency needs.

  Minister’s Stone Program (MSP)

The Minister’s Stone Program is an ongoing annual program managed and implemented by the Director, HAA, for conservation of all eligible state government assets which have facades or structural elements built partly or wholly of stone. The program is often supplemented by funding from recipient agencies to optimise planned conservation outcomes. All consultants working on MSP projects will have to willingly collaborate with HAA and HSW to deliver project outcomes, and comply with methodologies, principles and approaches set out by HAA/HSW. This includes participation in compulsory briefings/training sessions as directed by HAA/HSW. Consultants working on MSP projects must be prepared and resourced to fulfil all duties and commitments and accept responsibility for all documentation and technical decision making within the terms of their engagement. Contractors must be prepared to take instruction from consultants and work collaboratively to achieve required construction outcomes within the terms of the contract.


There are two prequalification types within Built Heritage and Stone Masonry – Construction

The two types are:

A) Internal Capability

  •  Internal Capability – refers to internal resources directly  employed (eg. direct staff/employees) by the applicant  company 

B) External Capability

  • External Capability – refers to external resources (eg sub- contractors) engaged as a service provider to the applicant  company

Company Profile (Resources, staff numbers, skills, etc) will be required to be updated every Six months. 




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